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Christine P. (5 star review on Yelp)

September 30, 2018

We are so glad to have found Susan and her awesome team! They did a stellar job of taking care of our two cats while we vacationed out of the country for over a week. Two of her wonderful cat sitters, Adrienne and Isabelle, provided daily updates on our cats, including photos and videos of them feeding and playing. One of our cats has a sensitive stomach and had to be fed on a set schedule and supplements, and they were very accommodating about this. They also cleaned up messes when she did vomit. It was a huge relief to see our cats happy and well cared for while we were away. In addition to our cats, they also looked after our plants and kept them watered. The icing on the cake is when they left two adorable kitty cake pops in our fridge - amazing service and then some! I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to working with them again.

Beckie B. (5 star review on Yelp)

September 22, 2018

Susan's care, of our 15 year old Manx kitty while we were on international travel was superior! Susan, her husband, and Adrienne (who would be visiting daily) came to our home and learned the "kitty drill". Every day we received pictures and a text. Two days when he wouldn't come out she thoughtfully texted that all his food had been eaten and he had used his litter box, so we knew he was eating, etc. Towards the end of the trip, we even got little videos of him purring.  She asked us to text her when we returned home so she would know we no longer needed her to visit (she indicated before we left that should our flights get delayed, etc let her know and she would continue to care for him till we returned) We totally enjoyed our trip knowing our kitty was being so well cared for.  We will definitely call Susan to care for our kitty when we travel again. 

Jenna R. (5 star review on Yelp)

September 21, 2018

Susan and her team took great care of our kitties while we were away on vacation. We got daily updates and videos which made my husband and I worry about them very little during our trip. We'll definitely be using their services again and would highly recommend them to others looking for sitters! 

Louann C. (5 star review on Yelp)

September 20, 2018

I can't say enough great things about Susan and her team! Susan, her husband and Adrienne came to meet my troop beforehand, learn their habits, where they like to eat, their toys and hangouts. Their concern for making my cats feel loved, safe and in good company really put me at ease in leaving them. They took such great care of them while I was away - I received updates, videos and photos every day - which was great because I [was] missing them and knew they were in great hands! In having Susan and her team sit for me on two separate trips now (one for several days and one for over a week), I can absolutely say that I have complete confidence not only in the care that they provide but also in their love of cats and commitment to providing the very best care. Rates are very reasonable and they are very flexible in scheduling. I absolutely recommend Cat Sitting by Susan to anyone looking for loving cat sitting for your precious furry felines!

Debra S. (5 star review on Google)

September 5, 2018

Cat Sitting by Susan did a fantastic job while we were on vacation. First off we had to change our vacation plans and they were accomondating to this and had no problems still being able to help out! Our kitty has epilepsy needs to medication 3x per day at 8 hour intervals. They did a great job being there when she needed it (even with NOVA/DC traffic). Also they sent me updates, pictures and videos from every visit! They also made sure our house was secure while we were away. I recommend them and definitely will be using their services again. 

Ezra P. (5 star review on Yelp)

September 4, 2018

Having used several cat sitting services in the past, I can wholeheartedly recommend Susan and her crew.  I found Susan through Yelp, and a friend of mine and I both tried her services out this summer. Susan first comes by to meet the cat, get to know their habits, etc. She is very thorough and it's clear that she loves cats. While we were away, she and her team sent us daily updates with videos of our kitten, showing how he was doing, playing and adjusting.  It's clear that they spend quite a bit of time playing and caring for their kitty clients.  She and her team are very reliable and caring and a pleasure to work with! Thank you, Susan, Isabel and Gregg!

Zach A. (5 star review on Google)

August 29, 2018

I have never used a sitting service before but Susan and her team are well worth the price. They took amazing car of our new kitten and were very reasonable when we explained our unique situation. If I ever need a last minute sitter again or just need someone to visit my cats while I'm gone, I will totally call them. 

Marla M. (5 star review on Yelp)

August 22, 2018

I can't believe I found such incredible cat sitters for my babies, Sam & Olivia. Susan, Gregg and the team are extraordinary in their love and care for kitties. It's difficult for me to trust their care to anyone, and I am so pleased with the service, attention, love and time spent with my babies. The daily updates with pictures, video and text of Sam & Olivia's moods were so crucial to me while away. Every morning and evening I looked forward to seeing them eat and play! They go that extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly and treat each individual cat to meet their specific needs. On a side note, they left everything in order and very tidy. I will never consider using any other service, I am so grateful to Susan and Gregg. I highly recommend Cat Sitting by Susan. They even left a delicious treat for me!! 

Nancy C. (5 star review on Yelp)

August 21, 2018

Susan is amazing. And I'm not just saying that because of the cake pop she surprised us with!  

I hired Susan to take care of my cat on short notice and she happily accepted. We arranged a time for her to come over and meet my kitty (her idea). She arrived with clip board and professionalism in hand! In addition to being professional, she was very warm and intuitive with my cat. I love my little guy, but to be honest, he's not going to be featured on the cover of Cat's Illustrated right now. He's had some health problems and in addition to only weighing 7 lbs. now, he likes to yell. Susan did not bat an eye when she met him and gave him the same respect and affection she would have had he been Morris the Cat. I can not recommend Susan enough. She is a true find. And her hubby was extra sweet too! 

Tara F. (5 star review on Yelp)

August 18, 2018

We have been so pleased with the care that has been given to our kitty while we are away. Susan is so kind and accommodating and Isabelle has done wonderfully each time with our kitty. She always gives us updates and videos and when we get home we are always welcomed back with a note and cake pops and our kitty is happy! Truly a wonderful cat sitting business, we will continue to only use Cat Sitting by Susan, give it a try, you won't regret it! 

Francesca M. (5 star review on Yelp)

August 7, 2018

I've had cats my entire life and Cat Sitting By Susan is by far the best pet sitting service I have ever used. I have six cats so watching my crew is no easy task, but Susan took excellent care of everyone while I was away.  It is clear that Susan and Gregg really love cats and my cats knew it. Even my shy kitties really took to them.  I received an update with lots of pictures and videos for every visit they made. I'm a pretty neurotic person when it comes to the care of my cats, but after the meet and greet and the very first visit my mind was totally put at easy for the rest of my trip. I'll add that my home was spotless upon my litter tracked all over the house and everything in its place. I can't say enough good things about this service and I'll definitely be using them again. If you have cats and need to go out of town you should not think twice about hiring them. You won't be disappointed.

Amanda Z. (5 star review on

August 2, 2018

Susan and Marisa are fantastic. Marisa was our primary cat sitter. Susan and Marisa asked great questions, was very thorough and professional. She sent us pictures or video every day. Our cats were so happy and well-cared for when we returned. Susan's service is top-notch and I highly recommend Cat Sitting by Susan. The best cat sitters we have ever used!

Lucia P. (5 star review on Yelp)

July 31, 2018

Susan and her team are great! We're no strangers to cat sitters, but their professionalism and clear love for animals sets them apart. They took careful notes when we were talking about care routines, and they are easy to get in touch with. Their experience shows in their attention to details like food levels, trash disposal, and even our fountain when it got clogged. We left our three cats in their capable hands while we went on a 4-week cross-country road trip. All the while we had daily updates (with videos) and confidence that our critters were being looked after by people who care. Susan even checked to make sure we made it home safely in case she needed to stop in again. Knowing that Susan and company are able to take care of everything while you are away is the reason you hire a sitter like this -- nothing is in doubt and you can trust them. We couldn't recommend her more!

Molly M. (5 star review on Yelp)

July 26, 2018

We have 2 very anxious kitties. Susan is wonderful. She and her team provide updates by text, so while we are away, we know they are treated well and the litter is clean. We know that if our kitties weren't so shy, they would play with them, too! I recommend Susan 100%.

Susan F. (5 star review on Google)

July 23, 2018

We want to offer our strongest recommendation for Susan, Gregg, and Isabelle, the team who took care of our precious animal family while we were overseas for two weeks. Each of our guys has a distinct personality and needs; we even have a ferret in the mix. We were so relieved and thrilled when we found Cat Sitting by Susan. We loved getting the short reports on each visit, which included pictures and videos;. We could see that everyone was doing well and thriving, being cared for thoughtfully and affectionately, which allowed us to relax and enjoy our trip. Everything at home was handled beautifully, and we are incredibly grateful. We will definitely be hiring Susan again! 

Nancy O. (5 star review on

July 17, 2018

My cats and I couldn't be more pleased with our choice of Susan. Our kitties normally protest with the cold shoulder treatment when we return from trips since they require so much love and affection. This time, they greeted us after 10 days like, "Oh, hi, it's you." While we were gone, Susan sent us very regular updates, texts, and even videos of our babies every day. I would hire Susan back in a heartbeat.


Daniel B. (5 star review on Google)

July 3, 2018

Susan and Isabelle have taken good care of my cat while I've been on a number of trips.  They send photos and video which helps reassure that everything is well. They've been able to accommodate changing plans and even giving medication.

Joe P. (5 star review on Yelp)

July 1, 2018

We were looking for a someone to pet-sit our our 10-month old shelter kitty, Asha. It was important that she felt comfortable around whomever would be visiting her, especially since this was our first trip away. Susan promptly responded to my inquiry, and she and Gregg scheduled a meet & greet right away. We could tell that they were "cat people", but the true test came when we actually went out of town. Susan and Gregg sent videos of the interactions with detailed observations. Asha was clearly comfortable around them and easily settled back into the routine when we returned. We again recently asked Susan and Gregg to cat-sit again for our girl, and we received multiple videos showing Asha's interactions and mood. Being a slightly longer time away, she seemed more distressed being alone, but Susan and Gregg gave her plenty of play time and affection with each visit. They are prompt, professional, and very considerate.  We will call on them again and highly recommend them to other cat parents.

Benjamin D. (on

July 1, 2018

Susan took care of my cat for two weeks while our family was away for two weeks. Susan was very professional and came by for an interview and to meet our cat. The sitter that took care of our cat, Marisa, sent us daily pics and videos with a nice note so we could see her progress. We were very happy with Susan, and would recommend her to anyone looking for dependable, caring service.

Stephanie K. (on Yelp)

June 14, 2018

These women were amazing. We went on vacation for 6 days and while I would usually board my cats (because I hadn't found a good cat sitter yet), I really did not want to this time. When I reached out to Susan via her website, she responded timely and quickly set up a meet and greet with her whole team. While we were away, Isabelle sent us daily updates, including photos and videos, of my two cats who seemed to really like her! She also cleaned the litter boxes. Overall, great service, reasonable prices, and I am definitely planning on using them again! Highly recommend.

Jen F. (on Yelp)

May 22, 2018

I cannot express how glad I am to have found Cat sitting by Susan! I was going out of town for 10 days for my destination wedding and asked Susan to watch my little baby, Hugo Boss. Unfortunately, before I left, Hugo came down with an eye infection, which gave me even more anxiety to leave him. However, Susan put my anxiety to ease and was able to visit Hugo 3X a day for the first 5 days to give him his eye drops. This was extremely helpful during a very important time in my life (right before the wedding). During my time away, I received many photos, videos and updates on each visit Susan had with Hugo. I knew Hugo was in the best hands because she really does care! I recommend Cat Sitting by Susan to everyone who is looking for someone to care for your babies. Susan and her husband, Gregg, are truly the best in the business and down to earth people. Thank you for everything! 

Lisa J. (on Yelp)

May 15, 2018

Susan and Gregg are awesome cat sitters! I went out of town for 4 days recently and they took care of my senior cat, Chloe. I loved getting the daily updates/videos. It assured me that Chloe was in good hands. She is a skittish cat who doesn't warm up to strangers easily and by the second day she was practically eating out of the palm of their hands. They had her playing like a kitten again! I will for sure be calling on them again when the need arises. 

Dana L. (on Yelp)

May 13, 2018

Leaving your fur babies behind when you travel is never easy, but the right pet sitter can set your mind at ease. We're so happy to have found Susan and her husband Gregg. Both are clearly experienced kitty lovers, and their patience and care shine through. The initial consultation was a pleasure, and from the start their communication was super. One of our kitties was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so we were looking for a pet sitter who could manage her twice-daily insulin shots and know what to look for to keep her healthy. Susan and Gregg swooped right in with advice and experience. Even when our kitty wasn't so sure about the idea, they patiently coaxed her with calm voices and practiced technique. Kitties aren't always the most trusting type, and Susan and Gregg made it easy for them to warm up to the new visitors. After every visit we received several texts with photos and videos, which made being away a lot easier. Everything at home was neat and tidy. I'm certain the kitties have found their new sitter, and we're so grateful to Susan and Gregg! 


Melinda J. (on Yelp as Mumbo J.)

April 22, 2018

My two cats were well cared for while I was out of town. Susan and Gregg sent video and photo updates each visit. I greatly appreciate their willingness to do a meet and greet, and their attention to some very specific instructions for special health needs of my cats. One of my cats is extremely shy, and and also requires daily medication. They were able to gain his trust.

Christine F. (on Google)

March 29, 2018

It is always stressful when finding someone you trust to watch your pets while your gone. Susan put me at ease by paying attention to details and seeing her interact with my cats. I love how she sends pictures and videos of them while I am gone so I know they are in good hands. She even left me a treat!  I highly recommend her and will continue to use her myself for my much loved cats.

Judy Y. (on

March 25, 2018

I feel so fortunate to have found Cat Sitting by Susan to take care of my older cat while I was away on an extended 3-week trip. It's a long time to be away and I was worried about getting her good care. As soon as I met Susan and her husband, Gregg, I felt how much they love cats and how serious about their work. Susan went above and beyond by sending reports everyday with pictures and videos so I could see how Eliot was faring. But even more impressive were the extra measures they both took to make sure Eliot would be ok when an unexpected snowstorm hit Arlington, maintaining contact with me all the while. I am so appreciative of that. On top of all this, her rates are reasonable. I will definitely use this service again, and I highly recommend it. 

Heidi G. (on

March 18, 2018

Susan and her husband were great. She was so conscientious, did extra stuff around the house than just cat sitting and even went back to my home for an extra trip to try to find Sophie who had been MIA since we left. She truly understands and loves cats. They were quite happy and well taken care of when we got home. 

Kris H. (on

March 15, 2018

I highly recommend Cat Sitting by Susan - she's watched our cat over holidays and diagnosed an illness in him we'd missed! 

Ariel S. (on

March 8, 2018

Susan was a terrific cat-sitter. She immediately responded to my request, had the meet-and-greet that very day, and was so sweet to my cat. She made her visits on time, sent multiple videos and pictures, and completely put me at ease. I would recommend Susan to anyone, and I will definitely use her again in the future! 

Steven J. (on Yelp)

March 5, 2018

Susan and Gregg make a fantastic cat sitting team! The daily updates from them really made the time apart easier. I will be calling her whenever I need someone trustworthy to look after Locke in the future.

Yue L. (on Yelp)

February 27, 2018

Susan and her husband Gregg are great cat sitters. We went back to China for two weeks in Feb and they took care of our cat Willy very well. Willy have loved them since they came to my house for the first time. They fed Willy exactly as instructed and sent us pictures showing how well Willy was doing and took care of him when he had hairball issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone and I will still contact them for cat sitting in the future for sure.

Jeanette C. (on Google)

February 8, 2018

Susan and Gregg have twice cared for our frail and aging cat; we loved the detailed text messages with pictures and our cat was clearly happy being spoiled by them. They went even further by taking care of several non-cat related errands including an urgent request. We'll be calling on them again soon!

Angela J.

February 6, 2018

Susan and her husband Gregg are amazing cat sitters. I have used them 2X now in the last month and to say that my cats love them is an understatement. I am new to the area and the first time I left I was nervous about leaving them. My cats were in a new environment and I was not going to be around. When Susan and Gregg came to my home for the first time, my cats came out and started rubbing against them. They are usually not that friendly to someone they meet the first time. What I loved the most was that Susan sent me pictures of them to show me that they were doing good. This second time, the cats loved seeing Susan and Gregg. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Krista S. (on, Yorktown neighborhood)

January 16, 2018

My husband and I are now free to travel out of town because we have found a reliable and loving cat sitter in Susan Tate, owner of Cat Sitting by Susan. We could not be happier with the care and TLC that our cats received! PM me for a rave review!

Patrick H. (on Google)                         

January 8, 2018

Susan and her husband Gregg are an amazing and awesome team!  They took such great care of our cat while we were away for the Christmas holiday.  They provided daily texts and videos updating us on how our Chester was doing.  It put us at ease knowing he was so well cared for. I highly recommended Susan and Gregg!  They are so kind and will care for your pet as if he/she were one of their own.

Lori B. (on, Mt Daniel neighborhood)

January 1, 2018

Susan watched our cat for two weeks over the Christmas holiday and was amazing. She was prompt and reliable. She sent an update with pictures at each visit, which we really appreciated. She even made sure that Santa brought a gift for Booboo! She also made a second trip to our house when I’d forgotten something - she went above and beyond! We were able to relax and enjoy our vacation knowing that our cat was being well cared for. I would definitely recommend Susan to anyone looking for a reliable cat sitter.

Janet P. (on

December 28, 2017

Susan kept our frail 18-year-old and 4 younger cats comfortable and calm while we were away 5 days over Christmas. She texted daily photos and updates, providing us with great peace of mind. Everything was in apple-pie order when we returned: food dishes full, clean water, clean litter boxes. Susan will be our go-to sitter going forward; very professional, responsive, and easy to work with!

Sam J. (on Yelp)                         

December 27, 2017

Over the Christmas holidays we were the happy recipients of cat sitting services for our cat Boo from Cat Sitting By Susan.  Susan's mindful attentiveness and detailed updates made us feel comfortable about being away from Boo.  Susan really sweats the details and we know that Boo had a wonderful experience during each of her visits.  If you need cat sitting services go no further than Cat Sitting By Susan!

Angela H. (on

December 27, 2017

Susan and Gregg are wonderful people. My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better match for our Chester! They are loving and caring and loved Chester as if he were their own cat. The daily reports and pictures of a happy Chester showed us he was well taken care of! We are so thrilled to have found Susan and Gregg. We highly recommend them....your pet is in wonderful hands with this team! Our minds were at ease!!

Darlene B. (on

December 18, 2017

Susan watched my cat while I was away and did a fantastic job. She is professional, dependable and my cat loved her. She kept me up to date with pictures and short updates and I could see that my cat was well cared for and content. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be asking her to come visit my little fur ball again! Thanks Susan!

Amanda S. (on

November 27, 2017

Susan and her husband were so wonderful and took excellent care of my girls while I was away. She sent photos every day and always provided new updates. My cats were very happy when I arrived home and had clearly been well cared for. I will definitely use her again.

Julia F.

November 10, 2017

Susan is a wonderful cat owner & has owned pets  practically her entire life. She has experience with all age ranges as  well as experience administering medications as well as shots. I  wouldn’t trust my pets with anyone else! 

Leslie F.

November 7, 2017

Susan and her husband Gregg are incredible animal  lovers!  They have been caring for animals for well over 20 years  together and the animals they care for truly become part of their  family.  I absolutely trust Susan to watch my dogs and know that they  are in excellent hands with her!  She is kind, responsible, friendly,  trustworthy, patient, loving and just all around awesome!   She knows  cats particularly well and takes such incredible care of them. I highly  recommend Susan and would hire her again in a heartbeat!    

Carinda S.

November 3, 2017

Susan is a cat lover and you couldn’t find someone better  than her to watch your fur baby. I don’t know anyone else I would trust  more with my cat. She is reliable, honest and punctual. I highly  recommend her for your cat sitting needs!

Sam J.

November 2, 2017 (on

To say that Susan is a an animal person is an  understatement.  Having seen her first hand with her own cats it can be  clearly stated that Susan can place an animal at ease and in a loving  environment.  Look no further in your choice for not just a pet  caregiver but also a loving full advocate for your important family member.